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Dancing in the Flames

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Dancing in the Flames celebrates the journey of transformation, capturing the dynamic energy and vibrancy of a phoenix rising from the ashes.

In Greek mythology, the phoenix is a magnificent and mythical bird associated with rebirth and renewal. It is said to live for centuries before bursting into flames and being reborn from its own ashes. This cyclical regeneration symbolizes resilience and the ability to overcome adversity.

The phoenix's legendary ability to rise from the ashes mirrors the human experience of facing challenges, enduring tribulations, and emerging stronger than before. Its story serves as a powerful metaphor for the resilience of the human spirit, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, there is the potential for renewal and transformation.

Wear Dancing in the Flames and be reminded of the indomitable nature of the human soul and that even in times of darkness every ending heralds a new beginning.

Dancing in the Flames opens with apricot, cinnamon, nutmeg, and mastic igniting the senses with a tantalizing warmth. As the perfume evolves, roasted cocoa, roasted barley, frankincense, immortelle, Greek rose, and honey intertwine, creating a rich and multifaceted heart. In the base, cashmere wood, incense, amber, labdanum, benzoin, resins, birch tar, cade, and vanilla absolute form a solid foundation, grounding the scent with a sense of comfort and warmth.

Top: Apricot, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Greek Mastic

Heart: Roasted Barley, Roasted Cocoa, Frankincense, Immortelle, Greek Rose, Honey

Base: Amber, Cashmere Wood, Benzoin, Birch Tar, Cade, Incense, Labdanum, Resins, Vanilla Absolute






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