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Shaped by the Wild

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Extrait de Parfum 10ml Travel Spray

Welcome to my brand UNTAMED PERFUMES. We offer perfumes “Shaped by the Wild” which is also the namesake of my first perfume.

This perfume was inspired by a trip across BC’s stunning wilderness. En route to the traditional First Nations village where the ancestors of my husband and daughter originate from, we flew on a tiny seaplane over mountain peaks, deep coastal inlets, and remote beaches. There for a family Potlatch, I was struck by the time we spent in the Big House – a cedar plank structure with a dirt floor and a center point of fire that stays lit the entire length of events which are often days long! The Big House is a mystical place, earthy, raw and alive. The air is thick with smoke and cedar plays an important role. The boughs are often tossed into the fire which create the most fantastic smell. This perfume carries the memory of this unforgettable adventure. I’ve included various cedars as well as the more uncommon note of cedar “leaf”.

Shaped by the Wild is a hypnotic union of warm, smoky, smooth, cedary, woody and slightly sweet.

Top: Frankincense, Pine, Sage

Heart: Cedar Boughs, Fir Balsam, Iris, Orris

Base:  Cedar, Earth, Wood Smoke, Woods, Vanilla Absolute

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